Futsal is a far better version of indoor soccer because it promotes more skills development.

Professional Coaches
All players have professional coaches with at least 15-20 years experience coaching and playing.

Quality Coaching
Our coaching staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience with players of all ages.

Development Philosophy
Our approach of prioritizing development over winning is key to player improvement

Small Teams
Each team will have 5 or 6 players. Small team sizes ensure players play a lot.

The Rules
Futsal rules promote an environment where players must think quick and excute technique better

No Walls
Players are forced to solve problems using skill instead of using a wall.

Game Format
Players are more involved because the game format is 3v3 and 4v4.

More Quality Touches
Players get more touches on the ball under the rules.

Why Futsal is better than Indoor Soccer

QUESTION: Why does Futsal not use walls ?
ANSWER: In traditional indoor soccer, players regularly use the wall to solve problems. This promotes bad habits and too often rewards errant play. Using a wall is a lost opportunity to work on improving skills for the outdoor game. Futsal forces players to rely on skill and creativity to solve problems rather than utilizing the wall as an option.

QUESTION: Doesnt a wall help with shooting or passing ?
ANSWER: If a player wants to improve their shooting and passing, then it must be done under realistic circumstances. When you breakdown the process of improving any particular skill, the player must take into account various visual cues to execute the skill correctly. In the real game, a stationary target (the wall) rarely exists. To improve any skill, players must recognize the location of the defender, what surface of the foot is appropriate for a certain situation, reading the body language of opponents, etc. A wall does not provide any of these visual cues.

QUESTION: Why does our futsal league use a 3v3 or 4v4 game format ?
ANSWER: The smaller game format allows players to be more involved in the game and have more touches on the ball. More skills development occurs in a smaller game format than in a larger game format.

QUESTION: Is futsal more enjoyable than regular indoor soccer ?
ANSWER: The feedback we recieved from players last winter was that futsal was more enjoyable than traditional indoor soccer.