Fields Utilized by our Select Program

FSCI utilizes quality training fields and home game fields in the northern half of Spotsylvania County and in the city of Fredericksburg. Below are the locations that we hold most events.

Game Fields

Patriot Park - Bermuda
Dixon Park - Bermuda
Loriella Park - Bermuda
Keswick Park - Bermuda
VYSA Complex - Bermuda and Turf

Practice Fields

FSCI Training Center - Indoor Flat Surface
Chancellor Middle School - Bermuda
Battlefield Middle School - Bermuda
Fredericksburg Academy - Bermuda
Fredericksburg Fieldhouse - Turf

Battlefield Middle School
11120 Leavells Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
- Field sits behind the school

Chancellor High School
6300 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
- Gym is on the left side of the building

Chancellor Middle School
6320 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg VA 22407
- Outdoor fields are between Harrison Road Elementary and Harrison Road

Dixon Park
1300 Dixon Street, Fredericksburg VA 22401

Fredericksburg Academy
10800 Academy Drive. Fredericksburg, VA 22408
- Outdoor fields are across the street from school. Indoor field is the gym

Fredericksburg Field House Outdoor Field
3411 Shannon Park Drive. Fredericksburg, VA 22408
- We use the outdoor turf field. We never use the indoor fields

FSCI Training Center
218 Industrial Drive, Suite 104, Fredericksburg VA 22408
- The central hub for FSCI soccer

Harrison Road Park
5917 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg VA 22407

Keswick Park
7710 Folkstone Dr, Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA 22551

Loriella Park
10910 Leavells Rd, Fredericksburg VA 22407

Patriot Park
5710 Smith Station Road, Fredericksburg VA 22407

Spotsylvania Middle School
8801 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania VA 22553

Legion Field
8802 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania VA 22553

VYSA Soccer Fields
1898 Mills Drive Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408