College Soccer Recruitment

Please read thru our Recruitment Checklist (link below). This document outlines the steps that you should follow during high school. There is no secret to the college soccer recruitment process. Grades will make or break your chance of playing college soccer regardless of your ability. A player must be proactive and take the lead in contacting schools.

FSCI provides a support structure to assist players that are serious about playing college soccer. Below are some things that we have done in the past to assist players.

* We have created recruitment highlight videos at no extra cost. Click on this link for examples that we have posted on youtube

* We attend at least 4 to 6 college showcase events each year for our older age groups at no extra cost. Many of these events have hundreds of college coaches attending. Click on this link for some example events we attend

* We hold a college showcase tournament every June that attracts anywhere from 10-20 college coaches at no extra cost. Click on this link for the FSCI Summer Classic and Showcase

* We have setup college tours that consists of academic tours and scrimmages. We have setup 5 college tours in our 10 year history as a club. Click on this link for a recent example

* We setup player profiles that outline the academic and soccer backgrounds of all our high school juniors and seniors. We send these profiles out to schools at no extra cost. Players start by filling out the player profile form. Click here to see the form

Our coaching staff and alumni that played college soccer also serve as a good resource on the recruitment process. It is important to understand that a player must take the lead role in this process. A college coach wants to hear directly from the player and not thru a proxy. There is no soccer club, coach, recruitment service company, or other person that can substitute for a player taking the lead in this process.