Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our Phoenix Academy. Our Phoenix Academy operates under a different paradigm than other recreation programs in the area.

Why is the game format small-sided ?

In a small sided format, each player recieves more touches on the ball. The player is more involved in the game compared to game formats with larger numbers. By comparison, small sided formats provide the player a better opportunity to apply the skills learned during our skills training sessions.

Shouldnt the league have a larger game format like 7v7 or 11v11 ?

When the game format increases, the game becomes more abstract. There is nothing to be gained from playing larger game formats until the players are well versed in the fundamentals and are better able to think abstractly. Players are better able to think abstractly after the age of 12.

Why do all players in an age group practice together ?

Its important that each player spends the majority of their practice time on learning fundamentals. All players in an age group train collectively because it ensures that each player recieves quality and consistant instruction from a licensed and experienced coach.

Why are there no individual team practices ?

Training as a team is highly inappropriate until two criteria are satisfied. One, the players must have a good understanding of the fundamentals. Two, the players must be able to think abstractly. Players have an easier time thinking abstractly around the age of 12. Before then, its best to focus on skills training first. At the younger ages, the game is more of an individual game and less of a team game.

How are players placed on teams ?

If you do not have a teammate request, we will randomly place your child onto a team. The placement of players occurs after the first few skills training sessions. This allows the coaches an opportunity to assess the players and balance teams.

How are games and practices operated ?

The practices are the skills training events. The players for each age group train as a group. The only time players are seperated into teams is on gameday.

Why are the goals small ?

Often times, players take a shot on goal without using correct technique. The smaller goal forces the players to use proper technique in shooting the ball otherwise the goal wont occur.

Why are there kick-ins instead of throw-ins ?

Kick-ins promote more repetition of techinque pertaining to passing and recieving balls on the ground. It also simplifies the game for the players.

What do I need to bring for practices and games ?

Please bring a ball, shin guards, and plenty of water. In addition, please wear your gameday shirt to all games and all practices.