Below are frequently asked questions about our Academy.

Why is the game format small-sided ?

In a small sided format, a player has more touches on the ball and is more involved in the game compared to a larger game format. Small sided formats provide a better opportunity to apply the skills learned during practices. Plus, the small sided format keeps the game simpler. There are less abstract concepts to worry about.

Why not play the normal 11v11 format ?

There is no benefit to playing in the 11v11 format until a player reaches a certain level of proficiency with skills and is better able to process abstract concepts. The best age to play 11v11 is after age 12 or 13. A player should want to stay in a small sided format as long as possible.

What size goals do you use ?

For children in the U9 age group and older, we utilize a goal size of 6x18 with goalkeepers instead of the regular 8x24s. The 6x18 smaller size is more appropriate for the younger players. For the age groups U8 and younger, we utilize a smaller goal size.

Do you teach players about specific positions ?

We work with players so that they have a basic understanding on where they need to be on the field in certain situations. We spend the vast majority of time on skills and technique development. Detailed specific position training occurs in our travel soccer program not our academy program.

What are the prerequisites to learning how to play a specific position ?

The prerequisite to learning how to play a specific position is to reach a certain level of proficiency with technique and skill. Until then, position specific training is pointless. Here is a concrete example. As a striker, one needs to learn how to consistantly recieve a ball side on with their back to the defender, peak over the shoulder, etc. If you are not proficient at this skill, there is no point in progressing to more complex topics such as the timing of the movement based on visual cues, spliting the vision of the defender, etc.

How are players placed on teams ?

If a player does not request a teammate in the same age group, we will randomly place the player onto a team. The placement of players occurs after the first few practices. This allows the coaches an opportunity to assess the players and balance teams.

How are games and practices operated ?

All players of the same birth year practice at the same time and location and rotate thru various stations. On gameday, the players are seperated into their respective teams with their friend requests.

How long are practices ?

Practices are either 45 minutes or 60 minutes long.

Why are there kick-ins instead of throw-ins ?

Kick-ins promote more repetition of techinque pertaining to passing and recieving balls on the ground. It also simplifies the game for the players.

What do I need to bring for practices and games ?

Please bring a soccer ball, shin guards, soccer shorts, tshirt, and plenty of water. For the spring and fall seasons, we will provide each player with a gameday tshirt. Please wear your gameday shirt to all games and all practices.

What size soccer ball should I use ?

Ages 13 and older - size 5. Ages 8 to 12 - size 4. Ages 7 and younger - size 3