The Tryout Process

Thank you for your interest in our travel soccer program. All communication for tryouts is done via email so please check your junk email settings. Any last minute schedule changes are announced on our twitter and facebook pages. Below are the tryout policies and procedures.


Tryouts are an opportunity for a player to demonstrate their playing ability and skills in front of our coaches for consideration into our travel soccer program. Tryouts consists of a series of small sided games with a small amount of instruction. We strongly recommend that a player attends all tryout events so that our coaching staff can fairly evaluate a player.


We will let each parent know whether their child was accepted or not accepted into the travel soccer program no later than 72 hours after their final tryout. We will communicate this information via email so please check your junk email settings.


If a player is offered a spot in our travel soccer program, there is a 48 hour window to accept or decline the offer. If we do not hear back within the 48 hour window, the spot can not be guarenteed. The first payment must be made within 48 hours of accepting the offer to lock the spot in our program. If payment is not made within 48 hours or another arrangement has not been made, the spot will be withdrawn so that another player trying out can recieve an offer.


We are strict with the 48 hour time windows. We can not hold a spot for a player for an indefinite period of time because it prevents other tryout players from recieving an offer. Its important to note that we evaluate players outside of these tryout dates. We hold individual tryouts for players unable to make the original tryout dates or provide offers to players in our other programs that have already been evaluated. We are interested in players that are willing to join the program immediately if they are provided with an offer.


In addition to looking at skills/ability, we are also looking at a player's work rate, attitude, focus, willingness to learn, etc. Dont put pressure on yourself and focus on having fun.


All communication will be done via email so please check your junk email settings. Any same day cancellations will be posted on our social media pages. Links are below


Please monitor the tryout schedule page. Some times have been adjusted. When we hold tryouts at our indoor facility, please wear indoor soccer shoes or sneakers. No cleats.