Our two main programs are the Academy program and the Travel Soccer program. To help families choose the best program for their child, we prepared a chart showing the key features of each program during a typical fall or spring season.

Feature Academy Program Travel Soccer Program


5 to 14

8 to 18

Estimated Hours with Professional Coach

1 to 24 Hours, depending on package selected

80-125 hours minimum per non-winter season

Number of Games

6 to 7 Games per season

10 to 16 Games per non winter season


Provides a fun, relaxed, recreation-like environment where players learn basic skills. Activities led by certified professional coaches with assistance from volunteers.

Provides a fun, challenging, and competitive environment where players learn advanced skills and concepts. All activities are with certified professional coaches.


We encourage you to attend as many events as possible.

Commitment is required otherwise individual growth will not occur.


Since we utilize professional coaches, more growth will occur compared to recreation soccer programs that utilize non-professional coaches, contingent upon passion and willingness to learn.

Since a significant amount of time is spent with a professional coach, a player will grow significantly, contingent upon passion and willingness to learn.

Path Forward

Prepares one for our travel soccer program if a player desires to go down this path

Prepares one for high school soccer or college soccer if a player desires to go down this path


No tryout. Just signup

Tryout required

Play with friends on the same team ?

Yes, we encourage that !

We can not guarentee this since a tryout is required