Our two main programs are the Recreation Academy and our Travel Soccer program. To help families choose the best program for their child, we prepared a chart showing the key features of each program during a typical fall or spring season.

Feature Academy Program Travel Soccer Program


5 to 14

9 to 18

Estimated Hours with Professional Coach

0 to 24 Hours


Number of Games

7 Games

11 to 16 Games


No tryout. Just signup

Tryout required


Provides a fun and relaxed environment where children can learn some basic skills.

Provides a fun and challenging environment for those that want to significantly improve their skills.

Path Forward

Prepares one for our travel soccer program if a player desires to go down this path

Prepares one for high school soccer or college soccer if a player desires to go down this path


More growth will occur in our program compared to a recreation soccer program because our program is led by professional coaches. Growth will happen provided the child loves to play and is coachable.

Since significantly more hours is spent with a professional coach, a player will grow significantly provided they have a passion for the game and is coachable.

Play with friends on the same team ?

Yes, we encourage that !

We can not guarentee this since a tryout is required