Rules and Disclaimers

Please read the following disclaimers and policies for our FSCI only supplemental programs.


Schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather or unforseen circumstances. If there is a cancellation or a same-day schedule modification, we will notify everyone via our social media pages. It is the responsibility of the parent and player to check our social media pages prior to the event.


If there is a full or partial cancellation of an event, we will attempt to makeup the missed time. Makeup events can occur at anytime. For any camps or training programs, we will make up the missed time by either adding makeup days, extending time of existing days, or holding 2 sessions on 1 day. For our free events, we will not makeup the missed time.

Parents and Weather

Parents need to monitor the weather forecast and make arrangements to have their child picked up if inclement weather causes issues during an outdoor or indoor event. Some outdoor locations do not have an available shelter. Therefore, its important that rides are present in the event of inclement weather.


As long as the conditions are safe, we will hold the event. We will hold outdoor events in cold weather, hot weather, rain, snow, etc unless there is a facility closure by the facilty owner. All outdoor activities are immediately suspended when there is thunder or lightning. Indoor events can be cancelled in the event of a power outage, snow covered parking lots, etc.


All players need to wear shin guards. For indoor events, players need to wear indoor soccer shoes or sneakers. Cleats are not allowed indoors.


There are no refunds or partial refunds on any of our supplemental programs. This refund policy applies regardless of reason or circumstance.

Open Soccer and Open Training

Open soccer and Open Training is offerred on a first come, first serve basis. In the event that we reach capacity, we reserve the right to setup a wait list. All non-FSCI players must pre-register and have permission before attending each session.

Participation Consent Form

In order to participate in a supplemental program, parents must sign a participation consent form and submit to the coaching staff prior to the first session. The form is available at the following link. Particpation Consent Form