Recruitment Program for College Soccer and Beyond

Playing college soccer is not the top priority for most players. However, for those who have the aspiration, commitment and dedication, the path from the FSCI Phoenix travel program to a college soccer program is very much possible.


Our club will assist interested players that have a desire to play in college. Current FSCI players, especially high school age players who are interested in possible college soccer opportunities and how the process works, are encouraged to contact our FSCI College Assistance Program Director.

90 percent of the recruitment process is dependent upon a player taking a proactive role in contacting schools. There is no soccer club that can replace this step. The college coach wants to hear directly from the player and not thru a proxy. Otherwise, the college coach will quickly focus their attention on other prospects.

Its all about GRADES !!

Please understand that grades will make or break your chances of playing in college regardless of your ability.

It is our position as a club that players should not play the game for the sole purpose of acquiring a future college soccer scholarship. There isnt much soccer scholarship money. Furthermore, we encourage you to goto college for your education first and to play soccer second.

As an FSCI player, focus on playing the game to have fun, learn, compete, and develop. If a player establishes this foundation and has a strong desire to play in college or beyond, then everything will take care of itself. We as a club will assist the player.