College Soccer Recruitment

FSCI provides guidance and logistical support for any FSCI player that shows a serious desire to play college soccer. A player must take a leadership role in the recruitment process by contacting schools, self-training, and keeping up with grades. There is no coach, club, or third party that can get you into a specific school or do the work for you. Anyone that says otherwise is either misleading you or selling you something.

FSCI goes the extra mile to help our players. Please reference the Recruitment Checklist to get started. Below are some of the things that we have done to assist players. Please also reference the menu items on this webpage for more details. Contact your coach if you are interested in this process.

* We create recruitment highlight videos at no extra cost.

* We attend at least 3 to 6 college showcase events each year for our older age groups at no extra cost.

* We hold college showcases events in March and June that attracts anywhere from 10-20 college coaches at each event.

* We have setup college tours that consists of academic/admissions tours and scrimmages. We have setup 5 college tours in our 10 year history as a club.

* We setup player profiles that outline the academic and soccer backgrounds of all our high school juniors and seniors. We send these profiles out to schools.