Benefits and Cost

Below is information on our cost structure and benefits for both our Travel Soccer Program and our Futures Soccer Program.


Click on the link below for a list of benefits that we provide each player.

2021-2022 Membership Plan - Travel Age Groups, U11 to U19
2021-2022 Membership Plan - Futures Age Groups, U9 to U10

Costs include everything except the uniform. Games and tournaments are a free benefit provided by the club that parents do not pay

U9 to U10 Age Groups: $500 per year
U11 to U12 Age Groups: $995 per year
U13 to U15 Age Groups: $1095 per year
U16 and older Age Groups: $1195 per year

Compared to other clubs, our fees are relatively low. Most clubs charge $2000 to $3000 per year with less benefits. Our club tries to keep things as affordable as possible.