Disclaimers and Policies

We are up front with everyone with regards to how we operate our camps, clinics, and other events. Please read the following disclaimers and policies.


Schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather or unforseen circumstances.


We may be required to cancel a camp or clinic event for all or part of the day due to inclement weather or unforseen circumstances. If there is a cancellation, parents will be notified via our social media posts. We will make up the missed time by either adding makeup days or extending time of existing days.

Parents and Weather

Parents need to monitor the weather forecast and make arrangements to have their child picked up if the weather turns bad during an event. Some locations do not have shelter nearby so its important that rides are present in the event of inclement weather.


All activities are immediately suspended at the first sound of thunder or lightning. We will hold events in the cold weather, warm weather, under light rain, etc. As long as the field conditions are safe, we will hold the camp or clinic.


There are no refunds or partial refunds on any camps or clinics. This refund policy applies regardless of reason or circumstance.

Participation Consent Form

In order to participate in any camp or clinic event, parents must sign a participation consent form and submit to the coaching staff prior to the first session. The form is available at the following link. Particpation Consent Form