COVID-19 Protocols

Below are the protocols that we will utilize to mitigate the risk, reduce the spread, and maintain a healthy environment.


Q: What specific physical distancing measures do you have in place for practices ?
A: We plan all activities in advance such that the players are in groups of no more than 8 to 12. Each group does not interact with other groups during the practice. During the practice, we ensure there is a physical seperation between any group of at least 10 or 20 yards.

Q: Is your staff trained in following these protocols ?
A: Yes. In addition to having several meetings over video conference on our protocols, our entire staff has actual in person training. Each staff member worked thru our internal processes during a trial run in July 2020. We had small groups of players come out for training and our staff members followed the protocol. This limited trial run in July ensured that our staff was prepared. In addition we had several followup meetings to discuss making the process more efficient. Our staff has no misunderstandings on the process.

Q: Do you have enough staff to coach players effectively and implement these protocols ?
A: We have hired additional staff to ensure that we have enough coaches to cover our numbers. We have 4 full time staff members and many part time staff that assist with every aspect of our programs.

Q: Did you have anyone review these protocols from outside the club ?
A: We had our protocols reviewed by medical professionals on 8/12/2020 and February 2021

Q: There are other youth sports organizations that have less restrictive protocols. Why are your protocols more strict ?
A: We have extra steps in our protocols to mitigate the risk. We have to be mindful and respectful of coaches and players that have pre-existing conditions. We dont want to do anything that increases the risk.

Q: Will there be training or practices at the FSCI indoor facility ?
A: Our indoor facilty is open strictly for our staff to perform administrative work or to make improvements to the facility. We will not conduct any soccer activities until late Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 in order to mitigate the risk. All events will be held outdoors.

Q: What will FSCI do if Virginia goes back to Phase 2 or enters more restrictive measures ?
A: We will either make up the missed time when we are able to resume activities or hold other training activities via video conference to get all the required training sessions. In addition, there is flexibility to extend the fall season, have a larger winter season, or extend the spring season to makeup any missed training events.

Q: What happens if an opponent does not have adequate protocols in place ?
A: We will refuse to play the game. If the opposing team or club does not take mitigation protocols seriously, we have no interest in playing them.

Q: What other precautions are you taking ?
A: Since July 2020, we have slowly ramped up our on-field activities. We strive to do so in a way that minimizes risk as much as possible for players and families. To that end, we are very methodical in our planning and intend to limit the kinds of activities our players participate in based on guidance from the state and the CDC. For example, our gatherings will be small, will be specific in purpose, and will initially avoid high contact activities such as traditional scrimmaging.