Keeping Our Fees Low

One of our founding principles is to keep costs low while providing an elite learning environment for players. Costs have a bigger economic impact on the strength of a soccer club than field complexes, leagues, or prestige. FSCI is the only club in the Fredericksburg area that features the unique combination of affordable cost, quality training, and the area's strongest coaching staff.

Our Motivation

The economic impact of youth soccer costs is significant but often overlooked. It creates a paradox with clubs or leagues that promote themselves as the best but charge high fees. Costs have a bigger impact on competitiveness and player participation levels than any other factor.

The high cost of youth soccer creates a financial barrier that prevents many kids from playing. The reality is that a lot of families simply dont consider programs with high fees as an option. The result is a lot of good players are priced out of the market. The laws of supply and demand influence the youth soccer market just like any other market.

In the USA, youth soccer operates under a pay to play model. It creates a paradox that doesnt exist in Europe or South America. In those places, the better players pay nothing to play because pro soccer subsidizes the youth system. In the USA, the better players pay more than anyone else. That creates a paradox.

Our mission as a club is to address this paradox by keeping fees low. The result is a strong youth soccer program. Its impossible for clubs to simultaneously claim they have all the best players or all the strongest teams and have high fees. The laws of supply and demand dont magically disappear for youth soccer. The more something costs, the less players participate.

How We Keep Costs Low

Our costs are low because we keep our administrative overhead low. When high administrative expenses exist at other clubs, they are typically passed onto parents in the form of higher fees.

Although our costs are low, we are providing more value and more player development benefits than other clubs. Click on the links below to see a full list of features and benefits for our various programs

Travel Soccer Benefits

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